Kids’ Stitch Club

The Stitch Club meets termly and they work on a range sewing and textile projects over their term some of these involve creating for example a piece of textile that can then be made up into an item , the classes are between 8-10 children who all have one universal thing in common…sewing!

To join the club we do recommend that they sign up and take our ‘Sewing Machine Drivers Licence’ which is an introduction to setting up and using the machine, including how to be safe around the machine. During the session they make a project such as a small draw string bag. We run this half day workshop around once a month and school holidays and this is incredibly popular. This way they can also decide if sewing is for them, without committing to a full term.

We find that this initial introduction to the sewing machine settles their nerves and helps them get the most out of the regular club; nearly all our stitchers start here (unless they are already very familiar with the sewing machine).

Our aim is to always encourage the children to feel confident around the machine and not be fazed, it really helps them feel ready to get “get behind the wheel” and drive the machine forward, working on their termly varying projects which are fun, and super engaging. All of the sewing machines are speed controlled and its fantastic how the group quickly build their skills making things such as cushions, clothes, accessories, free hand embroidery and up-cycling (just a few things they have been going on since September).

As Monday is now full; our sewing bees have got the bug and keep coming back every term, we have started a new session on Wednesdays for those that have just “passed their test”!  The atmosphere in the classes is fantastic because there is a sense of confidence and ownership around the handmade things that they feel incredibly proud of… and so do we!

If we can get children to understand how clothes and products are made then we are fulfilling one of our dreams “a more practical and resourceful generation”.

Call us 0n 020 3326 1160 or Register Your Interest and we can let you know the next date that you can join.