Jabberwocky Wonderland Eggs

Children will learn the art of decoupage and use their skills to decorate their own “terramundi” style money pot in the form of a Jabberwocky egg!  When they have finished saving up for something special, they can smash (or carefully slice!) their egg open to reveal its treasures…along with secret messages they will have hidden inside before sealing it shut.

We will also take a look at different styles of book illustration and introduce the children to working with watercolour pencils.  They will have the chance to colour their own “Beware the Jabberwocky” illustrated poem poster to display at home alongside their Wonderland egg.

Date: Monday 9 April

Age Range : 5yrs+

Time : 10-11.45pm, 12.15-2pm, 2.45-4.30pm

Price : £15