October Half Term

Spooktacular Classes for Children

Witches Tutu 6-9yrs
Monday 23 October 10am-11:30am £12
Let your little witch create her own outfit this year by making a funky tutu.  Perfect for ‘trick n treating’ or just maybe to style it out over this school holiday.

Jedi Light Sabres 6-9yrs
Monday 23 October 1pm-2:30pm £12
Calling all “Trainee” Jedi Knights.  A meeting has been set for you to come and make your Light Sabre so you are ready and prepared to battle the Sith Lords.  May the Splatt Force be with you!

Spooky Spoons & Hubble Bubble Tales 5-7yrs
Tuesday 25 October 11am-12:30pm & 12pm-1:30pm*
£10 (includes 1 adult for performance)
Get ready for some fun.  First we make a witch, wizard or even a monster spoon puppet at the spooky workshop.  When these are all finished we tip toe to another room at the mansion to find Haggy Moo (based on Winnie the Witch) our silly, clumsy witch that is always up to mischief with her purrrrrfect cat Treacle.

Bedroom Cushion Making 8yrs+
Wednesday 25 October 10am-12:30pm £18
Get back onto the sewing machine, put your skills into action and funk up your bedroom by adding a super cool cushion. To attend you need to have our Sewing Machine Drivers’ Licence or have good experience to sew on a machine.

Cosmic Pillowcase – hand printing 5-7yrs
Wednesday 25 October 1:30pm-3pm £12
Using stencils, fabric paints and textile pens, transform a boring black pillowcase into a unique creation that shouts “out of this world” from your bedroom. Plan your ideas, practice them and then…blast off, go decorate.

Spider Catchers & Hubble Bubble Tales 5-7yrs
Thursday 26 October 11am-12:30pm & 12-1:30pm*
£10 (includes 1 adult for performance)
Who likes spiders… not us!  Make a Spider Catcher to hang at a window so no creepy crawlies can come in when we are sleeping.
Once all the catchers are made we tip toe to another room at the mansion where we meet Haggy Moo (based on Winnie the Witch), our silly, clumsy witch that is having another one of her dramas with her faithful cat called Treacle.
*11am slot children first attend the craft and for the 12pm slot they attend the show first and then go on to the craft workshop.
1 parent per group is invited to come along and watch the show too.

Halloween Print Making 9-13yrs
Friday 27 October 10am-12:30pm £15
Everyone gets to design and make their own printing plate which can be Halloween inspired or maybe an Autumn theme or Fireworks.
During this workshop the children get taught how to make a plate to use for printing, best ways to roll out, ink up and put a set of prints together which can be used for decorations.