Origami Lucky Stars


Chinese New Year falls on 16 February 2018, and this year is the YEAR OF THE DOG!!

This class will help your children learn drawing and colouring skills to create their very own cute dog design on foam board.   As an extra exciting twist they will learn how to make origami Lucky Stars! We will string these together and attach to the dog as a special collar!  They will leave with a high quality piece of work and lots of new arty skills to impress their friends and family !

We’ve teamed up with Ubie Chan for this course.  Ubie is from Hong Kong and knows all things “Chinese New Year” and has taught kids and adults for many years.  The course will teach your children all about Chinese New Year but with a strong focus on ‘FUN’!  We will help the children work out what the animal for their birth year is and they will draw this with a ‘dot-to-dot’ design!  As a special treat the children will leave with a Chinese fortune cookie (and their fabulous work!)

What’s included? All materials

What do they take home? Foam board with Cute Dog drawing and Lucky Stars.  Fortune Cookie and drawing of Chinese New Year Animal Sign

Date: Friday 16 February 10.00 am – 11.30 am
Cost: £15