Summer Fun at BEECHE, High Elms

Wednesday 9 August

Splatter Make is coming to BEECHE, High Elms for a day of creative activities. In the morning, learn to use a sewing machine and in the afternoon get creative and print your own t-shirt.

Hand Printing a T-shirt

2-4pm 6-8yrs+ £15

Get textile arty in this great beginners class for hand-printing , we select stencils to create t shirt with themes from cute cats, unicorns, graphic logos and more. We learn a bit about colours and mixing and then learn the best approach to apply the inks to our t-shirts.

Screen Printing

2-4pm 9yrs+ £15

During this workshop we explain about mixing and separating colours to create one complete image.  Using different stencils they build their chosen design with 2 main colours and additional highlight colour.

You learn how to use the screen and SQUEEGEE to push inks through and how to achieve different effects.

Sewing Machine Driver’s Licence

10-12.30pm 8yrs+ £35

Get your Sewing Machine Driving Licence in this fun and really original one-off class, it does not matter if you do not have a machine (Yet!) this is aimed to get you Right on track and you will leave wanting to sew SEW much, boys girls all love this class! In our 2.5 hour class we:

* Explain all the basic bits of the machine

* Learn How to set up and thread the machine

* Learn the basic stitches you need to sew in straight lines, pivot and turn corners

* Use some of the decorative stitches

* Using our skills we make a simple project

Please note for insurance reasons children must be 8 years and older to use a sewing machine.