Arty Crafty Spoon Puppets Party


A fabulous fun party where each child brings to life a wooden spoon.

This party workshop gives creative freedom to the children with the use of pens, paper, fabric and of course some glue.  With all the materials to hand they go on to add features like faces, wings, eye patches, hair, capes or it could be monkey ears – the potential of ideas is enormous!

If you would prefer to have a particular theme such as Pirates, Super Hero or Princesses we can guide the party with a theme of your choice.

The party starts off with some planning.  We ask the guests some questions to prompt creativity like “what does their character look like”? “are they funny or serious”? “how many ears do they have”?  “are they an alien or a pig”? and through this process of questions and answers the children create a template and a design plan.  This is a great way to ignite the imagination and to bring their puppet to life.

We guarantee everyone will get a lot of fun from this workshop and we encourage their ongoing creativity by going home with a blank spoon so they can make more!

What’s included? All materials

What do they take home? Spoon Puppet created and a blank wooden spoon

Cost: £140 for 10 children, 1 hr

additional £12.50 per extra child (maximum 12)

You can bring your own food to The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40

Location Choice

  • The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park (included)
  • Your Home
  • A Venue of your choosing to Hire
  • BEECH, High Elms Country Park (additional room hire charge)