Fashion Lab Studio Party


This workshop party was inspired from one of our most successful courses.

It’s time to get funky and learn some brilliant crafty nip and tucks. T-shirts will be redesigned and restructured.  What starts out as a boring t-shirt, transforms as something trendy, unique and totally “you”.

In this party we look at techniques and ways to restructure a t-shirt and look at current fashion trends alongside a guided demo. Ideas are worked out on paper templates so we plot, plan and design first.  We then move on to restructuring and customising the top.  Make sure a camera is to hand so you can take a quick model shoot of the fashion “party range”.

This workshop gives you creative skills and stretches the imagination but be prepared, they’ll want to “try this at home”.

What’s included? T-shirts, we will need to confirm sizes before the party

What do they take home? Custom T-shirts

Cost: £160 for 8 teens, 1 hour 45mins

additional £15.00 per person (maximum 12)

You can bring your own food to The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40

Location Choice

  • The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park (included)
  • Your Home
  • A Venue of your choosing to Hire
  • BEECH, High Elms Country Park (additional room hire charge)