Funky Art Party

8+ years – teens


For arty kids. A workshop party with a difference aimed to get kids excited and enthusiastic about drawing and painting and aimed to also build confidence. The class is focused around a central fixed point in the room with a unique range of props and fun items to draw that you can contribute to for a bit of fun. We can even lightly theme it for the person. We use Music and some really unique ways to get you drawing and warm you up, backwards drawing, continuous drawing, blindfold/slow rhythm…you also work on a final MASTERPIECE in miniature on canvas and easel. Everyone walks, away with a piece of art that each person has been part of creating.  WE LOVE THIS NEW CLASS!

 We Provide: Everything, you can bring and incorporate your own props (please liaise) and also music.

 Time: 2 hours with 10 minute change over break mid way to making mini master

 Cost: £175 for 8 persons, £15 per extra child max 12 children