Graffiti Party

10 yrs+

This super cool, premium party is perfect for those that a looking for something different.  Run by two talented graffiti dudes, David and Henri, who will pass on their knowledge, tips and tricks on design and styles. Our party artists will be provided with all the materials to personalise a canvas for their wall or if they want something to wear then we fly in our snapback caps in from the USA. We advise that you “dress for mess and not in your best to impress” as things can get a little messy.

By the end of the session the birthday boy/girl will end up with a piece of original street art that all the guest have helped to create – something to keep and admire for years to come.

Host it at your home or we can find a venue.

Ideal for 10 years + – 2-2.5 hours

From £250 for 6 children (plus £20 per extra child)

“Thank you for organising such a fun party activity yesterday. The children really loved it and were absolutely thrilled to see the final finished result this morning. I attach a photo that I took just before I left today but will try get one where there isn’t so much light reflection. As mentioned, you are more than welcome to come by with your camera. I am so glad that you came to paint our wall. I had looked at some other companies and one individual but was really struck by the level of thought and detail that you put into the project before a booking had been made. Your attention to detail and professionalism is matched by your creativity and passion. I shall recommend you to everyone!”
Sarah, South London

If you have a garden wall, garage or side of your house that is a blank canvas then why not consider using this space for a party. We can help you plan your design that works within the space and the family or friends can help create it. Our graffiti artists will work with the sprays and skills to help bring the artwork to life and of course do all the touching up and finishing off so you have something that you love and will last. The is great for special birthday’s for teenagers, or why not for 30th, 40th or 50th birthdays. You can mark the occasion with your friends and family with something that everyone can participate in.

Alternatively you might like the artists to come along and spray the whole thing whilst you sit back and watch it happen.

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