Screen Printing Workshop Party

9 yrs-teens

A great party for older children to learn the art of screen printing.  During this workshop we explain about mixing and separating colours to create one complete image.  Using different stencils they build their chosen design with 2 main colours and additional highlight colour.

They learn how to use the screen and SQUEEGEE to push inks through and how to achieve different effects on their item. Each guest will create a unique print to take home.

We offer T-shirts, Bags, or Pillowcase and have 3 different themes.  The party boy/girl just needs to pre-select their chosen item & theme PRIOR to the party.

Themes To Choose From

Cute Animals: Panda, Monkey, Pig

Tropical: Pineapple, Cactus, Flamingo

Fantasy: Unicorn, Ideogram, Symbols

What’s included? All materials

What do they take home? T-Shirt, Bag or Pillowcase and useful Hand Out Notes and care instructions.

Location Choice

  • The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park (included)
  • BEECHE, High Elms Country Park (additional room hire charge)

£160 for 8 children, 1 hour and 30 mins all materials included

additional £15 extra per child (maximum number 10)

You can bring your own food at The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40