Graffiti Workshops

10+ years

Working on large boards outside in the park, master the skills of spraying with paints to create a large scale artwork.  We plan to meet once a month with our teens that have a keen interest in urban art.

The sessions will vary, working as a group and individual designs; the main focus of this class is to build technique and skill that comes through practice.  This means that there isn’t always something to take home.  This is ideal for older teens itching to try something different.

Do not dress to impress – old clothes essential.  This class is “Weather Permitting” – you just can’t spray in the rain or snow!

We Provide: All the equipment and sprays but over time you might want to start to build up your own gear.

Time: 2.5 hours per session

Once a month at weekends, next date be confirmed

Cost: £25 per session

When: We need a group of 10 children to start the class.  Please register your interest to put your name down on the list and we will come back to you ASAP.