Have a Fab Dab Do Party

We understand the challenges of having a party during 2020 and all that has come with it.  Our FAB DAB DO party kits are the perfect option for both socially distanced and virtual parties.

With each child working from their own kit box, they have all they need to create an amazing t-shirt, sharing their experience and designs whilst creating together with their friends.  The t-shirt kit keeps providing fun once the party is over, as there is plenty of paint inside the dabbers to make many more t-shirts and the box is specially made for colouring in.

How Our Party Service works

STEP 1. Decide if you are having a virtual or if a social distanced party.

Tip It’s always worth asking the other parents what they feel more comfortable with.

STEP 2. Look through our kit boxes with your child and decided if you would like everyone to do the same design or pick and choose to suit their friends and what they like.

STEP 3. Fill in the form below with your contact details and to reserve your boxes. One of the team will get in touch to organise what happens next and take a £25 deposit.

What Happens Next

STEP 1. We will provide you with party invitations to fill in that will match your kit choices.  We even stick a stamp on them to make it super easy for you to post out.

STEP 2. Once you have your RSVP we will book a call in to check t-shirts size and any last minute changes.  Box can be sent directly to you for socially distanced parties or posted directly to your “guests” for virtual parties.

STEP 3. Before your party we will send you links to “How To FAB DAB DO” video which you can share with other parents who may be attending the distanced party or helping their child on the virtual party.

Tip Our parents find this really helpful when preparing for the party.

STEP 4. Have a FAB DAB DO Time and capture the moments on camera so you can share the moments and memories with their pals and families.