How to Make Paper Chains

Starting today, I will share some fun craft bits to do with the kids with the aim that it will hopefully inspire you just when you might be climbing the walls. Get ready for my video post on Monday 10am, aimed at parents with children in the primary years. We will have bit of fun, keep it simple, add a bit of extended learning and it’s perfect for those that think crafting is not for them!

Here’s a peek inside my workshop. I’ve thrown anything that I don’t need out into the garden, left in a few spiders and no doubt resident mice (I know they are there as they broke into my seeds last night!) and I am ready. Every now and then I will have freebie craft bits to send out (just stuff that’s accumulated in my boxes) and hopefully that will help those that haven’t got access to materials. ⠀

Here’s our first video. Learn how to make doodle paper chains with Amanda, Creative Director.