Kool Kites Party

A perfect party for the Autumn and fly your kite in Beckenham Place Park after the party!

Kite making is pretty kool for boys and girls especially for those who enjoy getting crafty with their pals.

We kick off with some practice paper giving you a chance to play around with some designs and ideas.  You have total freedom! It could be your nick name, an original abstract design, a favourite character or step it up and get a bit more artistic with a Picasso or Salvador Dali look – the choice is yours!

We also provide stencils such as Unicorns, Flamingos, Dragons, Mermaids, Musical Instruments, Headphones, Palm Trees and Cute Pets.

Once the party-peeps are happy with their work we move onto transferring the masterpieces onto the transparent kite; adding colour and detail.

Finally we finish off with the essential touches to make up the kite, adding sticks, bridle line and kite tails.