A time travelling tale

Splatt Theatre Company present their adaptation of a timeless travelling tale Medusa at your school:

  • For schools (suitable for years 3-6)

In the land of the Hyperborean, held hostage within her own body, she waits. Instead of teeth she has sharp tusks, her hands are made of bronze, she has dragon wings on her back and her eyes are red, and on her head instead of hair, grows snakes with hissing tongues and gleaming eyes. She is feared by all and yet all she longs for is to be set free.

And just as fate should have it there lives a tyrannical, greedy King named Polydectes, he longs to make the beautiful princess Danae his wife, but one thing stands in his way, Danae’s son Perseus.

Desperate to remove Perseus from the picture, King Polydectes sets him the impossible task to bring back the head of the gorgon Medusa.

Will King Polydectes make Danae his wife? Will Perseus succeed in his mission? Will Medusa be set free? And will there be a wedding on the day?

 “Everyone who saw the face of Medusa instantly turned to stone…”

“If you ever had the misfortune to set eyes on a gorgon… you would do absolutely nothing.”

 “Venture through the land of the Hyperborean, enter the laree of the Gorgons, keep your eyes wide shut and whatever you do…don’t look at her.”

Runs in the Summer term.


Splatt Theatre Company runs at pop up venues and also come to your school, please call us for more information 020 3326 1160 or email