Online Booking Instructions

  1. If you are an existing customer then use the ‘Been Here Before?’ sign-in box.  Enter the email that you originally registered with us. (the one we are contacting you on now)
  2. Then Click on ‘FORGOT PASSWORD’
  3. This will take you to a screen which prompts you to reset your password by re-entering your user name.  This is your email address again. Then click NEXT
  4. CLICK on the RESET PASSWORD link and you will receive an email with instructions in your own inbox, follow these instructions
  5. Once you have done this you will be automatically logged on and see the information page of your account
  6. You are invited to update or change any information that is not correct and you will be able to check that we have your children registered and attached to your account.
  7. You can also, if you choose, store a credit card for future quick payments.  We confirm that the credit card data is stored and processed securely through verified accounts.
  8. Please explore the links and tabs at the top of the screen.  Small blue links are information on your personal account, including your future bookings and payment information.  The large tabs are the schedule and class information.
  9. To book a class you need to search for the dates that you are interested in in the white box field at the top right of the schedule.
  10. For workshops which are sold as blocks of classes, per half-term, online booking will only be available at the beginning of each half term (Splatt Club, Stitch Club)
  11. For regular classes (Dance Stomp, Pantry Cooking and all the summer classes full online booking is available up to 48 hours before the class starts.
  12. You can call us to make a booking or get help at any time on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.