Planning a Birthday Party?

As we spend most of our days with children we are well informed about what makes them tick and our parties choices change and grow from what our customers enjoy.  We are open to ideas so if you have something in mind we are more than willing to have a chat to see if we can bring it to life.

During 2019 we will only be able to offer a few slots per month due to our product launch later this year.
We have a few exciting changes happening in 2019…The Splatter Make team will be heading back to the workshop to get crafting and put our signature magic on a new party product!

We have loved hosting our parties over the past few years, but we are now ready to take the next step in transforming all of our knowledge and expertise into creating our own Party Packs. Meaning you can run your own Splatter Make parties from the comfort of your home.

Although this means we will no longer be running the parties ourselves, do not fear! Alongside the gift sets, we will be creating step by step online videos to take you through how to host your very own parties with all of our hosts tips and tricks.

More exciting details are to come, so keep your eyes peeled and if you are keen to get your hands on our fantastic party range then please register your interest below so we can get in touch when the crafting is complete!

Take a quick peek and look at a few parties that we recommend held by our preferred independent party hosts.

Creative Crafty Workshop Parties

Arty Crafty Paint Brush Party

A super cute and busy party for those that like to paint and make. This is a lovely party where we kick off with all the party peeps having to find their Paint Brush Pal and once the hunting has been done we settle down at the craft table to give their brush a personality; […]

BoHo Bag Up-Style Party

Bags, bags and more bags!  Yes it’s a fact; we all love a bag that is why you and your pals will have such a “bagtacular” time up-styling your own. Your Party We start off with some creative brainstorming looking at colours, accessories, feature characters and shapes, this means we can play around, change our […]

Graffiti Party

This super cool, premium party is perfect for those that a looking for something different.

Graffiti Party

This super cool, premium party is perfect for those that a looking for something different.  Run by super talented graffiti dude David who will pass on his  knowledge, tips and tricks on design and styles. The party kicks off with each party peep thinking about designs and techniques, finding out how to create a Tag […]

Hand Print An Awesome Cushion

Create a super stylish or totally awesome cushion that will take pride place in the bedroom or den. And it’s not just for looking cool or pretty on the bed, other uses are propping up your “gaming” elbow, getting comfy in front of the TV screen and the all essential headrest for those long car […]

Hand Print Your Unique Sleepover Bag

Sleepover, Sleepover, Sleepover! Whether it’s for a special occasion or fun at the weekend, this party let’s them style it out with their designer own sleepover bag.  And whose is the designer? Well them of course! We introduce the party peeps to the Art of Printing using stencils and images to create their own look.  […]

Hand Printing – T-Shirts Party

A smash hit with children because they love to create designs that they can then wear. Delighted with their creations most of the party-goers end up wearing their t-shirt home! The party boy/girl is introduced to the Art of Printing using stencils and images to create their own look.  After the planning their design, they will […]

Mythical Make-Over Party

Working with the super talent creators at the MONSTER ACADEMY, this is a totally unique party workshop for those looking for something creative and sparkly! Choose a theme and create your very own mythical character look, using *safe professional face paints, cosmetic glitter and gorgeous gems. You will learn some basic face painting techniques and […]

Pom Pom Party

Who doesn’t love a Pom Pom? At this party you and your pals will be styling up your own headband with gorgeous pom poms made by you.  Our inspiration comes from the super cool and colourful Mexican artist Frida Khalo. There’s lots of vibrant wools for you to pick from and once we’ve given you […]

Sewing Bees Workshop Party

This workshop style party will keep the birthday girl/boy and their friends totally engaged for a solid 2 hours on a sewing machine. They will learn how to set up, thread and sew straight lines, make pivots turns and corners using practice sheets.  Once the basics are mastered it will be time to get the […]

Special Effects Make-up Party

Working with the super talent creators at the Monster Academy, this is a totally unique party workshop for those lads and gals with creative curiosity! Using safe professional materials, learn how to make some simple but scarily effective wounds using modelling wax and plenty of fake blood! * An ideal introduction to the world of special […]

Unicorn Craft Party

This is the perfect party for those that love to cut, stick, make and create and, of course, love unicorns, rainbows and something magical. There’s plenty of work to do at this party such as decorating a Unicorn Doorway which is a must if you want to invite a Unicorn into your life. Deciding on […]