Party Bundles

We understand it can seem a bit daunting or time consuming when sorting out a party and that’s why we would like to help and pass on our expertise.  If you are interested in putting on a Fab Dab Do party contact us and we will talk you through the options to help you decide what package is most suitable and answer any questions you’d like to ask.

Option 1

Premium Kit Boxes

Each child receives a kit box to work from at the party and they also go home with:-

  • Kit box
  • Tshirt – that they design at the party
  • 4  x Fab Dabber Fabric Paints
  • 1 Roll of Stencil Tape
  • Black Fabric Pen
  • Note Book
  • Instruction Sheet
  • 2 x Stencils of the party theme

The idea of this party is that each child works from their own kit box.  They have all they need to create a great t-shirt and when they finish designing and the party ends, they go home with an amazing craft kit box.  There is plenty of paint inside the dabbers to make many more t-shirts (upcyle old unloved ones!) and there’s hours of fun with their FAB DAB DO craft kit box.  No party bags required! The kit boxes can also be decorated which is an additional party activity.

You can add Neon and Glitter Pens, additional paint dabbers and stencils – visit our Shop

Price: £24 per box plus Postage and Packaging

Order 7 boxes and you receive 1 free box for the party girl/boy (£21.00 per child)

Order over 11 boxes and you receive 2 boxes free (£20.30 per child)

Option 2

Bundle Box Party

Each child goes home with a t-shirt they have designed.  Bundle Box includes the following:

  • 1 Box
  • 6 x T-shirts
  • 6 instructions sheets
  • 6 x Fab Dabber Fabric Paints
  • 2 x Black Fabric Pens
  • 1 x Neon Fabric Pen
  • 1 x Stencil Tape
  • 12 x stencils (same theme or a mixture of your choice)

The idea of this party is that there is more sharing amongst the party guest. Everyone makes a great t-shirt design and they can each go home with a stencil set, paint dabber and instruction sheet. However, some parents like to keep the stencils, paints and box for the party child – your choice!  The children will be delighted with their t-shirt designs and it’s a great take home without the need of adding anything else!

If you have a larger party you can order more bundle boxes, and you have the option to add additional paint dabbers, stencils and fabric pens so there’s more to share. Visit our shop


£75 per bundle box plus Postage and Packaging, suitable for 6 children.

(£12.50 per child)