Fab Dab Do Party

We understand the challenges of having a party during 2020 and all that has come with it.  Our FAB DAB DO party kits are the perfect option for both socially distanced and virtual parties. With each child working from their own kit box, they have all they need to create an amazing t-shirt, sharing their […]

Graffiti Party

Unfortunately due the pandemic we are unable, for the foreseeable future, to offer the Graffiti Party with a graffiti artist. New for 2002 Graffiti TAG Party Boxes – works as a social distanced party & virtual party. We know how popular Graffiti is with children and we hate to disappoint so we have worked with […]

BoHo Bag Up-Style Party

Bags, bags and more bags!  Yes it’s a fact; we all love a bag that is why you and your pals will have such a “bagtacular” time up-styling your own. Your Party We start off with some creative brainstorming looking at colours, accessories, feature characters and shapes, this means we can play around, change our […]