Arty Crafty Paint Brush Party

A super cute and busy party for those that like to paint and make.

This is a lovely party where we kick off with all the party peeps having to find their Paint Brush Pal and once the hunting has been done we settle down at the craft table to give their brush a personality; bring the Paint Brush Pal to life with our crafty bits and bobs. Our paint pots are then popped open and we begin painting. We encourage abstracts, self portraits or a whatever the little artists decide to do on their canvas boards as there are no rules! The only challenge is to feature their paintbrush character somewhere in their picture. Lastly we place the paintbrush pal into a special box so it can travel home safely, sleep well at night and go on road trips, visit friends or pop into school.

What’s included?
All materials

What do they take home?
All the children take home their Paintbrush Pal, travelbox and their painted canvas. We believe there’s really no need to buy any party bag bits, but if you do want to then why not make it fit. Mini paints, pens and colouring books would be a lovely tie in.

Age: Ideal for 4-6 years

Time: 1hr 15mins

Cost: £165 for 10 children
£15 per extra child
At your house or party venue space

£185 for 10 children
£15 per extra child
Held at The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park**

** You can bring your own food to our studio at The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40

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