Graffiti Party

Unfortunately due the pandemic we are unable, for the foreseeable future, to offer the Graffiti Party with a graffiti artist.
New for 2002 Graffiti TAG Party Boxes – works as a social distanced party & virtual party.
We know how popular Graffiti is with children and we hate to disappoint so we have worked with our Graffiti Artist and designed our our TAG alphabet for aspiring young artists.
Here’s how the party works….
Using the Graffiti alphabet stencils the children create their Tag Names or a slogan/ message they want to stand out on a Hoodies, T-shirts and Snap Back Cap.  You start with sketching out the ideas onto a notebook and using fabric paint dabbers and the awesome fabric pens for adding detail (we searched the market high and low to find the best) the TAG comes to life.  You can add cool additions to the designs by using stencils from our ranges to create that street artist finish.
It’s fun, simple and once the children read the instructions the party pretty much runs itself.
Depending on what item they decorate, your party guest go home with their amazing hoodies or T-shirt or Snap Back Cap and the birthday child gets to keep the TAG alphabet, paints and pens.  You can of course divide these amongst the friends – that’s your choice!  All of this can be done with social distancing because the hoodies laid out take up about a metre or you just space people apart and the bottles, pens and stencil can be sprayed cleaned before and after the party.  All you need is a flat surface, newspaper, kitchen roll and of course some good tunes playing in the background.
Price Breakdown, build your box – all available to see on our shop page 
  • TAG A-Z + 0-9 numbers £30 for a complete set
  • Hoodies are £12 each (white, baby blue, light pink, grey)
  • Snap Back Cap £8.50 each (space to decorate is limited so be aware they might want to do more than just this) White, Orange, Yellow
  • T-shirts £3 each
  • Paints £19 – 10 colours in a set, additional single colours can be added
  • Fabric Pens Fluorescent £17.50
  • Fabric Pens Glitter £17.50
  • Stencil Tape £1.50, we would recommend a few of these or one each
  • Character and detail stencils range from £3.50-7 or a set £10
  • Note Books £1.50 each
We are here to help and support you with the organising; just fill in the form below or drop us an email and we can talk things through.
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