Hand Print Your Unique Sleepover Bag

Sleepover, Sleepover, Sleepover! Whether it’s for a special occasion or fun at the weekend, this party let’s them style it out with their designer own sleepover bag.  And whose is the designer? Well them of course!

We introduce the party peeps to the Art of Printing using stencils and images to create their own look.  After the planning their design, they will then be shown how to get the best from the colours and hand printing techniques to achieve different finishes. And for the finishing touches we make tassels to add that extra Wow factor.

Just pre-select your chosen theme PRIOR to the party.

Themes To Choose From

Some Like it Hot: Flamingos, Palm Trees & Cacti

Fantasy: Unicorn, Dragons, Robots, Fairies & Mermaids

Cool Dude : Headphones, Music Instruments, Graffiti Spray Cans

What’s included? All materials

What do they take home? Bag and useful Hand Out Notes and Care Instructions

Ideal for 7+ years

Time: 1hr 30mins


£170 for 8 children
£18 per extra child
At your house or party venue space

£190 for 8 children
£18 per extra child
Held at The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park**

** You can bring your own food to our studio at The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40

Parties held at your home, a venue of your choice and room hire at the Mansion House is subject to availability and prices vary

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