Special Effects Make-up Party

Working with the super talent creators at the Monster Academy, this is a totally unique party workshop for those lads and gals with creative curiosity!

Using safe professional materials, learn how to make some simple but scarily effective wounds using modelling wax and plenty of fake blood! *

You will have lots of fun, go home with plenty of new skills… and possibly looking a little worse for wear.  This isn’t for the faint hearted!  Don’t turn up in your best outfit, this can get a little messy for the novice artist.

“To say she loved it would be an understatement! … even if she has come home looking like she’s fallen through a window! Absolutely would recommend Monster Academy… she found the teachers really kind and extremely helpful… Thank you thank you thank you! 

Monster Academy is a school for SFX and Creative Character Design and Creation, using professional face painting and prosthetic make-up techniques, for under 18’s. Monster Academy is brought to you by ‘old’ friends, prosthetic make-up artist, Miss Hannah Delightful, who has helped create amazing characters on Game of Thrones, Clash of the Titans and X-Men among many other films, and professional face painter Miss Zöe Frightful, who left a 15 year career in television producing and directing to have more fun with paint and magic.

What’s included: With this basic SFX they kids can wear it home; for more advanced creation this is not always possible. We can take photo’s along the way so we capture the moments.

For party girl/boy you will also get a present of a super Mini Sampler, SFX kit from the Monster Academy.  Price is £10 for those that would like to purchase for their guests.

Ideal for 11+ years

Time: 1hr 30mins

Cost: £165 for 8 children
£15 per extra child
At your house or party venue space

£185 for 8 children
£15 per extra child
Held at The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park**

** You can bring your own food to our studio at The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40

 *All of the special effects products we will be using are cosmetic grade and safe for the skin, however, if you know your child has sensitive skin please make sure to ask for patch tests for the products that concern you.
*please note that there may be an additional charge for travel.

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