BoHo Bag Up-Style Party

Bags, bags and more bags!  Yes it’s a fact; we all love a bag that is why you and your pals will have such a “bagtacular” time up-styling your own.

Your Party

We start off with some creative brainstorming looking at colours, accessories, feature characters and shapes, this means we can play around, change our minds and add in any last minute tweaks.

You will all have a crash course of tassel and pom pom making, these will be added to your bags and, if we have time, you can make a few extras for things like matching key ring holder or hair ties.

You’ll then need to get nifty with the scissors cutting out featured silhouette and embellishments.  Finally we finish off placing and stabilising everything into place, adding the essential touches to make up the bag look super attractive and personalised.

What everyone goes home with…

 A great shoulder bag that can be perfect for sleepovers, school books, holidays and weekend shopping trips.

We Provide:  All materials

Age: Ideal for 9 yrs+

Time: 1hr 30mins


£170 for 8 children
£15 per extra child
At your house or party venue space

£190 for 8 children
£15 per extra child
Held at The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park**

** You can bring your own food to our studio at The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40


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