Unicorn Craft Party

This is the perfect party for those that love to cut, stick, make and create and, of course, love unicorns, rainbows and something magical.

There’s plenty of work to do at this party such as decorating a Unicorn Doorway which is a must if you want to invite a Unicorn into your life. Deciding on the name your Unicorn responds too.  Designing a unicorn head band that really must be worn at the party tea and, this is very important, signing contracts about how to welcome a Unicorn into your home.  (Adults you’ll need to abide by the rules too!)

And if that’s not enough, we include a pass the parcel where everyone wins one our rainbow bracelets or a funky ring and some dancing games along the way.

This is a wonderful workshop party filled with crafting and imagination.

We believe in unicorns and so will your party go’ers!

What’s included? All materials.

What do they take home?

The children will all be given a Splatter Make handmade unicorn bag to place their unicorn doors inside.   They will also be leaving the party with a headband on, unicorn and family contract – all you need to do it follow the rules!

We believe there’s really no need for a party bag but, of course, that is your choice.

Age: Ideal for 4-6 years

Time: 1hr 15mins

£165 for 10 children
£15 per extra child
At your house or party venue space

£185 for 10 children
£15 per extra child
Held at The Mansion House, Beckenham Place Park**

** You can bring your own food to our studio at The Mansion House and stay in the room for an extra 30 mins room hire £40

Parties held at your home, a venue of your choice and room hire at the Mansion House is subject to availability and prices vary


Interested in one of our parties? Contact Us 0n 020 3326 1160