Experiential Workshop for Schools

  • Unique educational experience for children
  • Content is designed and written by Splat Theatre Company to cover curriculum thematically through literacy, drama, speaking & listening, geography/history, SMSC and DT
  • Splatt Theatre Company will transform your school by bringing the Rainforest experience directly to you

Through sound, Art, movement and storytelling your children will be taken on a journey of discovery to the Amazonian rainforest.

The day involves…

  • Interactive storytelling – performed by a professionally trained storyteller and actress. The story has been created specifically for this event and introduces the children to tribal life and the demise of the rainforest and its people
  • A physical theatre workshop which mirrors the spiritual aspects of rainforest tribal traditions
  • Tribal dancing; children will learn a dance routine that infuses Samba and Bossa Nova rhythms
  • Arts and crafts workshop using recycled goods that the children create as part of the set and props that will be used in the story.
  • This is a real-life adventure where the children will become Rainforest tribes people for the day.

Learning aspects of the Rainforest workshop:

  • Curriculum
  • Creative expression & development
  • Multi-sensory experiences
  • Environment & Sustainability
  • Co-ordination
  • Music
  • Teamwork

Our unique experiences can be tailored for your school’s learning of this theme


Splatt Theatre Company runs at pop up venues and also come to your school, please call us for more information 020 3326 1160 or email splattheatre@splattermake.co.uk