Run your own Fab Dab Do Party

Since 2015 our studio has hosted over 1,000 parties and workshops, so it’s fair to say we know what works and what doesn’t with groups of children.

We have loved seeing the infectious delight children experience when being creative, and we are keen to spread the fun further and reach more young people. So, after many months of working away and transferring all of our knowledge and experience into a product, we have created the FAB DAB DO Stencil kit!

What’s great about this stencil craft kit is that you don’t need to be arty or good at drawing, which is why it works for everyone! The stencils are easy to use, and the children have the freedom to place them in any which way they like. Our FAB Dabbers are the simple tools which add colour and effects to the images and are pretty much mess free.

Running a FAB DAB DO Stencil Party

 We’ve created a list of top tips to remember whilst running your very own FAB DAB DO party, so that you can ensure everything runs smoothly. However, if the thought of running a party fills you with dread, then try recruiting a friend or family member who will can give you a hand.

At Splatter Make we are currently taking our time to build up a group of trusted FAB DAB DO party hosts that you will be able to book to lead your party for you. However, this might take a while to come to life as we are ensuring we find the perfect party host personalities!

To run a fun smooth party here are our tips.

What do they take home with them?

  • Their “Designer” top
  • Their Stencil Kit Box: the paint dabbers, stencil tape, stencils, pen, note book should all be returned back to their box and go home with them

Other Ideas:

 There’s plenty of paint in the dabbers, so the children can carry on stencilling at home by upcycling any unloved old t-shirts and plain tops etc

  • The box will travel well, which makes it perfect for holidays, sleepovers and rainy days. Your party will live on!

The stencils can be used on paper so great for drawing scenes or making cards.