Rainforest Theatre Performance

(Suitable for Key Stage 2)

Through theatre, immersion, music and storytelling your children will go on a journey of discovery to the Rainforest.

What the experience includes

  • Content that has been designed and written by SPLATT Theatre Company to cover curriculum thematically through literacy, drama, speaking & listening, geography and SMSC.
  • Two professionally trained actors that will immerse your children in a highly interactive performance and Theatre workshop.
  • A Rainforest Courtroom Drama – Here your children will put on trial a defendant who has been accused of illegal logging in the Rainforest.  Your children will play the roles of the Defence Lawyer, Crown Prosecutor, Expert Witnesses, Jury etc in this scripted drama.  It will be their job to cross examine the evidence and statements presented before sentencing the defendant.
  • A theatre workshop – The children will explore the sounds and landscape of the Rainforest by creating their own soundscapes and dramatic tableaus that they will later perform during the storytelling.
  • Interactive storytelling – The story has been created specifically for this event and introduces the children to tribal life and their spiritual beliefs and culture.  The story explores the tragic demise of the rainforest and its people.  It follows the journey of a young girl who sets out to save the Rainforest from being destroyed.


These are some of the benefits our Rainforest experience hopes to achieve for your children…

  • Develops speaking and listening through drama, theatre and a multi-sensory experience.
  • A tolerance & empathy of other cultures & viewpoints
  • Creates for them a culturally enriching environment
  • Inspiration for their own creative expression and development
  • Promotes growth of their self confidence
  • Boost their ability wo work cooperatively
  • Helps with concentration
  • Assist in the engagement of imaginative & possibility thinking
  • Enhances their literary knowledge


SPLATT Theatre will come directly to your school and all we will require is access to a school hall/library or a room of a similar size, however we will do our upmost to work around the space you have.


Half day


Prices start from £200


Interested in one of our Splatter Theatre Performances? Call us on 0203 794 5284 for more information