Top Tips for running a Fab Dab Do Party

What shall I prepare before the party?

 Theme: choose your theme, we suggest you keep to just one or two to limit the choices (and squabbles!)

  • If there is a theme, add to this with balloons, cups, plates etc
  • Get a music playlist ready
  • Prepare in advance by reading the instructions and laying out everything early
  • Make name labels (it’s nice to do this with the party girl/boy)
  • Each child will need enough space to spread out their t-shirt and have their box close to them.Small parties will require a large table and larger parties will require multiple pop up tables or trestle tables.
  • Protect the tables by recycling old newspaper and using it to cover the tables surface.
  • Place 2 sheets of newspaper inside the top so the paint doesn’t leak through – make sure its smooth and not making the top bumpy
  • Tear up a few sheets of Kitchen Roll for each child
  • Children work better when standing at a party, so leave the chairs tucked away to one side while crafting
  • Prep the food and drinks so you are ready for a quick table clear

Top tips for during the party

 Encourage the children to think about their design and use their note books to practice their dabbing in, and for drawing up any design ideas

  • Do a demo for the children: borrow your child’s stencil, find an old white t-shirt and show them how to use their kit and equipment
  • Remind them to always use the stencil tape to secure the stencil and kitchen roll to soak up the paint each time
  • After they have finished using the stencils, give them a wipe over so they are clean when they go back into their box – a damp cloth or baby wipe works best
  • Fabric Pens: The box has everything each child needs, but using additional fabric pens of different colours will create those lovely finishing touches
  • If any children finish early, have some felt tip pens available so they can decorate their box
  • The paint dabbers make this craft super clean but be prepared with a dish cloth for any accidents.